All products offered meet international standards and have been successfully used in Marine, Oil field, Oil & Gas industries. We deal with all the leading brands for providing the widest range to our customers, with a well-knit supply chain including storage and logistic facility. We have a core service team providing various onsite services as well.

Glance through the various products and services to understand us better.

Male Connector Male Connector
Union Union
Bulkhead Union Bulkhead Union
Union Tee Union Tee
Female Connector Female Connector
Elbow Union Elbow Union
Instrumentation Valves Instrumentation Valves
Manifold Valves-2 way Manifold Valves-2 way
Manifold Valves-3 way Manifold Valves-3 way
Manifold Valves-5 way Manifold Valves-5 way
Instrumentation Tubings Instrumentation Tubings
Pipe Clamps Pipe Clamps
Pressure Gauges Pressure Gauges
Thermowell Thermowell
Stainless Steel Pipes Stainless Steel Pipes
Ball Valve Ball Valve
Gate Valve Gate Valve
Globe Valve Globe Valve
Butterfly Valve Butterfly Valve
Hydraulic Din Fittings Hydraulic Din Fittings
Hydraulic Flanges Hydraulic Flanges
Hydraulic Flanges Hydraulic Quick Couplers
Camlock Fittings Camlock Fittings
O - Rings & Oil Seals O - Rings & Oil Seals
150, 3K, 6K, 10K SS Fittings 150, 3K, 6K
Hose & Fittings Hose & Fittings
Hydraulic Filters Hydraulic Filters
Pneumatic Fittings Pneumatic Fittings
Brass Pneumatic Fittings Brass Pneumatic Fittings
Pneumatic Filters Pneumatic Filters
Pneumatic Cylinders Pneumatic Cylinders
Hydraulic Jacks & Cylinders Hydraulic Jacks & Cylinders
Hand Tools Hand Tools
Hand Tools Impact tools
Fabrication Jobs Fabrication Jobs
Lathe Operations Lathe Operations
Gauge Calibration & Services Gauge Calibration & Services
Instrumentation Services Instrumentation Services
Instrument Installation Instrument Installation
Tube Bending & Instruments Installation Tube Bending & Instruments Installation
Hose crimping & Fabrication Hose crimping & Fabrication